Meetings, Conventions, Seminars, Symposiums, Corporate Conventions and Congresses

  • The organization and design of graphic materials is co-ordinated – the creation of a logo and claim for the event – electronic consignment of invitations and event “ save-the-dates”
  • Choosing the event site, the hotels, the technical installations & equipment and the gadgets, too.
  • Specialized foreign language competent event personnel to carry out secretarial, information and general assistance duties
  • An Airport Welcome Desk and Hostesses with internal security clearance.
  • Certificates of Participation.
  • translators.
  • Musical and outdoor evening entertainment


  • Call Centre Personnel especially dedicated to the recall of the organizing secretaries at Conventions, Congresses and Press Conferences.
  • For doctors, the CME credits enhance training and professional competence. CEM providers are updated on regulations required by the Italian Farmindustria Association.


  • There is something for every palate, every nation, every need and every belief


A company banquet, whether in a palace or a restaurant, can be uniquely personalised to capture the true essence and depth of the message behind it. It’s a moment of being together where the company and its guests unit in sharing experiences and culture, while catering too for special culinary needs, be they religious or otherwise.


A word in continual evolution.
We never stop searching for places that can make an event unforgettable: it may be a hotel, a fair, a villa, an historic residence or a museum.

Hotel Bookings

This service allows us to work with the best hotel chains and small private hotels, too. We aim to make our clients feel as if they were in a home away from home. Getting the best rates, whether for a convention or a small meeting, is our added value.

The Welcome

Our male and female staff perform the following duties: floor hostess, travel hostess, secretarial hostess, leafleting hostess, fair hostess – all our staff are professionally attired in uniform and well versed in foreign languages, too.
Services such as car valet, general security, security guards and bodyguards are available.


Transfers by air, road, train or boat can be organized.

Public Relations

Sponsored stages and packages for major sporting events can be acquired. Private areas can also be arranged within event, personalized with buffet & professional reception staff available for welcoming, attending and general entertainment.