Cultural Events

  • Weaving the visit to a museum or exhibition into a company event will most certainly make the day a memorable one for participants as they will surely appreciate “that something special” that has been organised just for them.
  • Being accompanied by art historians during private cultural visits is infinitely more satisfying and enriching than what can be offered by the standard guided tour. Art Historians have the passion, the broad vision and the detailed knowledge of a monument or period of history that can transform your visit into a very special moment, indeed.

Family Day

Dedicating a day to the company and families is an excellent way of forging closer bonds between these complimentary realities: work & your dear ones.

Team Building

  • We would argue that a team building activity of three hours can be sufficient for companies to communicate directly with its employees in a dynamic and lively fashion.
  • Team building sessions can be carried out both indoors and outdoors, though always in a spirit that is dynamic and face-to-face.